How to identified different versions of the MPC4 and MPC4 SIL?

Time: March 25, 2024
MPC4 is well known as the machinery protection card in Vibro VM600 series system. As the central element in the machinery protection system, MPC4 is very versatile card and has the capable to measure and monitor the inputs and speed inputs simultaneously.
There are 3 versions of MPC4: a “standard” version, a “separate circuits” version and a “safety” (SIL) version. Usually, MPC4 standard version is common and widely used, then the MPC4 SIL.
The standard MPC4 has a VME-compatible slave interface and is software configurable via RS-232 (on the front panel of the MPC4 card) or via VME for a networked VM600 rack.  It also supports all processing modes.
The safety (SIL) version of the MPC4 card, that is the MPC4SIL, was developed to permit a wider range of installation options with a single VM600 rack, for example, condition monitoring in addition to machinery protection. To safety certify these systems, it was necessary to ensure that the safety MPC4 is isolated from the other cards in a VM600 rack, so that there is no possibility of its configuration being inadvertently modified.
As the safety MPC4 (MPC4SIL) does not have a VME bus interface, corruption of its configuration is impossible as it is only software configurable via RS-232 (on the front panel of the MPC4 card). Therefore, it is now possible to define a single VM600 rack configuration containing condition monitoring cards (such as the CMC16 and XMx16) and relay cards (such as the IRC4 and RLC16) in addition to safety-related machinery protection in the form of safety MPC4 cards.
However, the MPC4SIL card does not support all of the processing modes supported by the standard and the separate circuits versions of the MPC4 cards.
For example, the MPC4 SIL card does not support the speed/phase reference (tachometer) input channels, the Narrow Band (Tracking) Vibration and Smax processing functions, and it does not support the danger bypass (DB) and trip multiply (TM) functions.
What's the difference between MPC4 standard version and MPC4 SIL?
Visually, the differences can be identified from the front panels:
For the standard and separate circuits versions of the MPC4 card, the label on the lower handle of the front panel displays the text “MPC 4” against a blue background.
For the MPC4 SIL card, the label on the lower handle of the front
panel displays the circular TÜV NORD logo and text “MPC 4” against an orange background.
The ordering number is different:
The ordering number (PNR) for a MPC4 card is in given in the format 200-510-SSS-xHh.
In this PNR, x represents the version of the MPC4 card as follows:
• 1 indicates the standard version of the card.
• 2 indicates the separate circuits version of the card.
• 3 indicates the safety (SIL) version of the card.
In addition, in the VM600 MPSx software (version 2.6.x or later), two different names are used
to identify and work with the different versions of MPC4 card:
• MPC4 is used to refer to the standard of the MPC4 card.
• MPC4SIL is used to refer to safety version of the MPC4 card.
The standard MPC4 card (MPC4, PNR 200-510-071-113) is safety certified. However, there are certain restrictions to the optional card configurations that are allowed with a standard MPC4 card in a VM600 rack.

The safety MPC4 card (MPC4SIL, PNR 200-510-077-313, PNR 200-510-077-312 and PNR 200-510-071-311) can be installed in a VM600 rack that also contains additional cards.

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