• New arrival—GE, Bently Nevada, Emerson and Vibro
    New arrival—GE, Bently Nevada, Emerson and Vibro
    July 17, 2023
    Hot summer is coming, the heat wave swept the acorss the world.  Automation industry is hot, too. Recently, lots of new modules arrived in our warehouse, such as GE turbine control boards(IS420UCSCS2A, IS420YDOAS1B...),Emerson PR6423/002-030, PR6424/003-030,Vibro hot sale module CA201. Our large stock of PLC DCS modules can support you with competitive price.
  • New arrival——GE
    New arrival——GE
    June 20, 2023
    Today, lots of GE Turbine Control boards arrive in our warehouse. Most of them are GE Mark VI IS200 and Mark V DS200. Such as backplane connector board IS200EPBPG1ACD, exciter power supply module IS200EPSMG1ABB and digital signal processor control board DS200DSPCH1ADA. Huge large inventory can solve your need. We pride at our inventory, competitive price and quality products. We will try our best to support you by all means.
  • Triconex new arrival
    Triconex new arrival
    May 25, 2023
    As a well know brand, Triconex supplies products, systems, and services for safety, critical control, and turbomachinery applications and the name of its hardware devices that utilize its TriStation application software. Based on patented Triple modular redundancy industrial safety-shutdown technology, Triconex provide factories with a full set of safety-critical solutions and life-cycle safety management concepts and services, implement them in the entire installation and enterprise, and ensure the synchronization of safe, reliable and stable operation of the enterprise industry and profit growth. Recently, there are some Triconex modules new arrival as below.   4329 4119 4119A 3510 3008 3708E 3664 3604E 3503E Our inventory can support you to solve your needs. Welcome everyone send your inquiry to me.
  • Celebrate on International Workers' Day
    Celebrate on International Workers' Day
    April 28, 2023
    May 1 is International Workers' Day. In China,we will celebrate on this day. Huge Technology Automation Company will be closed from April 29th to May 3th.
  • New arrival— Bently Nevada, Emerson and HIMA
    New arrival— Bently Nevada, Emerson and HIMA
    April 21, 2023
    This week, lots of modules arrival in our company, such as our advantage Bently Nevada. Bently Nevada's products are widely used in oil and gas industry, hydroelectric power, wind energy, hydrocarbon processing, power generation, pulp and paper, mining, and water and wastewater treatment. The new arrival modules such as 3500/15(127610-01),3500/22M(138607-01) and more. Emerson KJ3243X1-BK1 12P4691X032 and HIMA F7126.
  • New arrival——ABB
    New arrival——ABB
    March 31, 2023
    ABB 216AB61    HESG324013R101 216EA61B   HESG448230R1 216VC62A   HESG324442R13 216DB61   HESG334063R100 216NG63   HESG441635R1 REG216   HESG324513R1 SR511   3BSE000863R0001 SB510   3BSE000860R1 TC520   3BSE001449R1 SC520   3BSE003816R1 SC520M   3BSE016237R1 SC510    3BSE003832R1 PM511V16    3BSE011181R1 CS513      3BSE000435R1 CI534V02    3BSE010700R1 CI522A    3BSE018283R1 CI541V1    3BSE014666R1 MB510    3BSE002540R1 CI535V26    3BSE022161R1 RB520    3BSE003528R1 CI535V30    3BSE022162R1 RF533   3BSE014227R1(BB510 3BSE001693R2) AC450 3BSC630036R2(3BSX755124R19) 3BSC630036R2(3BSX755274R4) 3BSC630036R2(3BSX755107R4) 3BSC630036R2(3BSX755261R4) 3BSC630036R2(3BSX755123R4) 3BSC630036R2(3BSX771227R4) 3BSC630036R2(3BSC630036R3)
  • Traveling in spring
    Traveling in spring
    March 22, 2023
    Last Saturday,Huge company spent the day in Shuanglong Tan to enjoy the spring. It was a great weather to traveling. The fancy games impress everyone.We took in the scents of Shuanglong Tan, zip-line through the blank field, grass skiing and skating on the grass adventure tour. Someone falling when skating on the grass, for the professional shoes for skating grass is so heavy, we looks like the robots. It is not easy for me to skating, lots of my colleagues can't stop falling on the hillside. On our way home, the flowers is blooming and the fresh breeze caressing our face. How wonderful the day!
  • Emerson is fully leverage engineering expertise and solutions to lower carbon emissions
    Emerson is fully leverage engineering expertise and solutions to lower carbon emissions
    February 28, 2023
    Everyone more and more caring about environment. As one of the largest environmental impact factors-industry, experts are sparing no effort to reduce the impact of industry on the environment. So does Emerson.  Emerson automation technologies using carbon capture as automation solutions to minimize the the industries enviromnmental footprint. The innovative techonological capabilities of Emerson, that can helping industry take on the tough challenge of adopting carbon capture.  The capture efficiency of the CO2 is dependent on the solvent circulation rate. The higher the circulation rate, the more energy required in the stripper reboiler. There is therefore a trade-off between the capture efficiency and the energy cost to regenerate the solvent.Meeting the target CO2 capture rate in the most efficient manner possible is the challenge. Monitoring the capture percentage with on-line analysis allows for process optimization through multivariable control and analytics. Corrosion and erosion are significant concerns in an amine unit. Carbonic acid attack is possible where water vapor condenses in the presence of CO2. Two phase flow at the feed to the stripper also results in erosion concerns. Sheer rates, turbulence and steam velocities are also key for corrosion and erosion control. Reducing fugitive emissions and the risk of process leaks is also important for the amine treating unit. The aims of Emerson is to optimize the process in order make a balance between ease with R&D and industrial scale.
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